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Leslie 122A (Current Production)

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Leslie 122A.jpg

Leslie 122A (Current Production)


The model 122A is specifically designed for older Hammond Organs requiring a separate tone cabinet for sound reproduction, such as the A,B,C and RT models. It is identical to the Model 122XB, with the exception of having a 6-pin connector, and no ¼” or footswitch jack. Please refer to the Leslie Model 122XB for demonstration.

Amplifier: Handcrafted 40-Watt RMS vacuum tube amplifier

Speakers:  Massive 15" woofer, High power horn driver

Inputs: Model 122A 6-pin Leslie connector

Controls: Master volume

Dimensions: 29 1/4"(W) x 20 5/8"(D) x 41 5/8"(H)

Weight: 149 lbs

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