SSP-3A Solid State Pre-Amp


SSP-3A Solid State Pre-Amp


Replaces pre-amps used in most standard Hammond tone wheel consoles. Building on the heritage of the original SSP-3, the new SSP-3A has been carefully designed to faithfully reproduce the response of the original tube pre-amp when it was new. 

Eliminate the intermittent static, crackling, loss of volume, and general degradation of sound quality that can be caused by aging components in the original pre-amp. 


  • Built in reverberation utilizing a full size Accutronics three spring delay line
  • Built in power supply
  • Built in Leslie 122 tremolo control circuitry, functions with original tremolo switch or TS-2
  • Built in power on circuitry for 11 pin Leslies
  • Functions with original swell pedal and linkage or can be used with remote floor type pedal.  For portable applications, a custom Ernie Ball volume pedal model EB-100K is available.
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