UC-1A  Combo Pre-Amp


UC-1A  Combo Pre-Amp


Allows most single channel Leslie speakers to be driven by your portable organ, guitar, synthesizer or mixer. Two 1/4" phone jack inputs, one for high level signals, one for low level signals. 


  • Foot switch tremolo control
  • Foot switch power on / off
  • Power and tremolo indicators
  • Input level and tone controls
  • Four different outlets to accommodate each of the Leslie families listed below. May be used singularly or in any combination. (Leslie connector cables not included.)

NOTES: The UC-1A will also function with 700, 705, 710, 720 and 730 type cabinets when the LCO-1 or LCO-1A crossover is installed in tone cabinet.  Model 31H is compatible only if above serial # 5200.  Models 25, 45, 125, and 225 are compatible only if equipped with amplifier.

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