Why Rent From NPH?

Why Rent from NPH ?

Not satisfied with the Hammond B3 or C3 rental that shows up at your session, concert or worship service? It looks bad & sounds worse? Missing tones? Switches that don’t switch? Percussion with no perc? Leslies that don’t spin when you want them to?

Nashville Pro Hammond will change that. 

Kickin’ pedals? Critically important to many players, especially Gospel organists, our pedalboards play smooth & quiet, in the same excellent condition as the rest of the instrument. 

Order your Hammond to be paired with the Leslie or multiple Leslies of YOUR choice. 122 or 147?
Want BOTH? No prob. Extra long cables included upon request.

NPH Leslies use solid state relays. No pops, no clicks. Consoles provide 3 speed switching. Traditional slow & fast operation, as well as an “off” position for the old school jazz/blues purist. A footswitch is provided for the player that wants footswitch command of slow & fast speeds. Every Leslie comes to you loaded with the prized Jensen P15LL woofer as well. Absolutely un-stinkin-beatable.

We provide sales, and more importantly, service, to players, studios and churches throughout Tennessee, northern Alabama & southern Kentucky. From the smallest country church to the biggest names in the business, we treat everybody the same - to the very best service we can provide. Ask around. References are gladly supplied.

Rentals from one day to several months. Touring rigs go out with a full complement of spares in the event of an emergency.
Call for rate card.

  Sugarland  /  LP Field

Sugarland / LP Field