Trek II Pre-Amps

Nashville Pro Hammond is an authorized Trek II dealer and installer.

Trek UC-1A Combo Pre-Amp

CPR-28 Preamp Restoration System for AO-28 Pre-Amps

SSP-3A Solid State Pre-Amp

Trek II Pre-Amps

Nashville Pro Hammond is an authorized Trek II dealer and installer.


UC-1A Combo Pre-Amp $619

Allows most single channel Leslie speakers to be driven by your portable organ, guitar, synthesizer or mixer. Two 1/4" phone jack inputs, one for high level signals, one for low level signals. 


  • Foot switch tremolo control
  • Foot switch power on / off
  • Power and tremolo indicators
  • Input level and tone controls
  • Four different outlets to accommodate each of the Leslie families listed below. May be used singularly or in any combination. (Leslie connector cables not included.)

NOTES: The UC-1A will also function with 700, 705, 710, 720 and 730 type cabinets when the LCO-1 or LCO-1A  crossover is installed in tone cabinet.  Model 31H is compatible only if above serial # 5200.  Models 25, 45, 125, and 225 are compatible only if equipped with amplifier.

CPR-28 Preamp Restoration System for AO-28 Pre-Amps — $448

CPR-28 Preamp Restoration System for AO-28 Pre-Amps $448

The Trek II ® CPR-28 is a premium product designed to provide technicians with the means to restore like-new operation to aging AO-28 pre-amps which are used in classic Hammond® A-100, B-3, C-3, D-100 and RT-3 organs. The CPR-28 replaces every resistor and fixed capacitor in the pre-amp including the two multi-section can capacitors.  While not every tonewheel organ warrants this level of restoration, the CPR-28 is provided for those organs requiring the very highest level of quality and reliability in the AO-28.


  • Premium quality circuit board construction
  • Ground plane shielding over sensitive circuitry areas
  • Long life / high temperature rated electrolytic capacitors
  • Rugged standoff mounting of wirewound resistors
  • New tone and perc cutoff controls included
  • Restores tonal clarity
  • Extremely low noise floor


SSP-3A Solid State Pre-Amp $779

Replaces pre-amps used in most standard Hammond tone wheel consoles. Building on the heritage of the original SSP-3, the new SSP-3A has been carefully designed to faithfully reproduce the response of the original tube pre-amp when it was new. 

Eliminate the intermittent static, crackling, loss of volume, and general degradation of sound quality that can be caused by aging components in the original pre-amp. 


  • Built in reverberation utilizing a full size Accutronics three spring delay line
  • Built in power supply
  • Built in Leslie 122 tremolo control circuitry, functions with original tremolo switch or TS-2
  • Built in power on circuitry for 11 pin Leslies
  • Functions with original swell pedal and linkage or can be used with remote floor type pedal.  For portable applications, a custom Ernie Ball volume pedal model EB-100K is available.


SSP-1C Solid State Pre-Amp $279

Replaces the AO-15331 two tube (#56-#57) pre-amps used in very early standard Hammond consoles. 


  • Built-in power supply
  • Built in tremolo control circuitry for 122 type Leslie speakers, functions with original tremolo switch or TS-2

  • Adjustable tone control
  • Compatible with RV-1D

NOTE: The SSP-1C is not compatible with BV, CV or DV type organs.


BTC-1A Bass, Treble and Percussion Levels $79

This option provides precise control over the organ's bass, treble, percussion and overall level. Mounted on the SSP-3A chassis, these controls allow the organ owner to set sound to his preference and not have to worry about other organists tampering with the settings.

NOTE: The BTC-1A functions only with the SSP-3A.


SSP-3AX Auxiliary Amplifier Channels $899

Provides 2 additional amplifier channels and a separate enclosure with input jacks, output jacks and level controls. These channels may be used to play other keyboard instruments, rhythm units, etc. through their own amplification system, but under the control of the organ swell pedal. In addition, either input can be routed through the organ sound system by moving a jumper on the circuit board. When configured this way, the AUX-1 input will be expressed, and the AUX-2 input will be un-expressed. 


BTC-2A $259

Provides precise control over the organ's bass, treble, percussion and overall level. The BTC-2A mounts in place of either left end block and gives the organist the ability to tailor the sound while performing.

NOTE: The BTC-2A functions only with the SSP-3A.